September 21, 2009

*I can understand the American public’s resentment over the photo of Barrack Obama where it looks like he’s checking out a woman’s ass. Remember what happened the last time they elected a Democrat?

And get over Bill Clinton already. Guy gets blown, big deal! Clinton was human. Clinton was a gentleman. Bush was the blowhard!

Clinton is a charismatic diplomat who rescued Euna Lee and Laura Ling, the two imprisoned American journalists ,from North Korea this year. That too from a person like Kim Jong-il. As opposed to George Bush yelling “Bring it on!” like a cheerleader in a catfight.

*Alan Wilson Jr. is right. There isn’t 1 racist bone in his father’s body. There’s 206.

 *Horrible things are happening to people who are trying to steal the limelight from Barrack Obama in the news. Micheal Jackson died, Yelena Isinbayeva lost the gold, Chinese hit by floods, Malaysian model sentenced to caning, Schumacher’s big comeback plans cancelled, Jaswant Singh gets expelled from BJP, Baitullah Mehsud dies, Bernie Madoff is jailed, fires in Athens, wildfires in California, Lockerbie bomber is dying of cancer, Suu Kyi’s prison sentence is extended – is Obama voodooing out the competition?

*Silvio Berlusconi has defended his actions saying Italians support him and want to be like him. Dude. You are 72-years old and nail lingerie models on their 18th birthday. Anybody would want to be like you!

Meanwhile, wannabe comedians should stop trying to sell lame old Clinton jokes by replacing Clinton’s name with Berlusconi. And don’t try to pick up a woman using one of those. The irony is, you’re hoping to get as much tail as Berlusconi, i.e. hoping to get there by making fun of the very man you’re hoping to be like.

*Stop chastizing Shashi Tharoor for calling Economy Class Cattle Class. He wasn’t being a snob, he was just referring to Air India’s Air Hostesses – fat, old cows.

*Meanwhile, attacks on Indians in Australia continue. And all Kevin Rudd Has to say is, “Australia is safer than America.” What the hell? Are we supposed to be impressed by that? America is the land of Al Capone, MS-13, The Crips and Dick Cheney! Any place is safer than America!

*Okay, I know this is an old one, but I still can’t get over the whole Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal. Just what the hell were they thinking when they took those photographs!? I mean there’s a ton of totally awesome cool things you could do in the military that you could take photographs of. You could photograph yourself beside an F-22 raptor or an M134 Gatling gun or standing on the deck of a multi-billion dollar aircraft carrier, and all these retards had to show was, “Hey look, I got gay with a bunch of hairy, naked A-rabs!”.

I mean photographs! They could have looked like movie stars if they wanted to, like Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Van Damme. But I’ll bet the movie they had in mind was Willie Comes Marching Home.