Valentine’s Day Massacre!

February 14, 2010

*Pramod Mutalik : First gets kicked out of the Sangh Parivar, in Feb 2009 gets thousands of pink underwear delivered to his house, now gets his face blackened by Congress activists. Dude seems addicted to pain and humiliation.

Ditto for Bal Thackeray. Getting clobbered in the Maharashtra elections by the very ‘Maratha Manoos’ he was claiming to fight for wasn’t enough for him. He just had to come back for more pain & have Sachin Tendulkar and now SRK and K-Jo give him the middle finger.

*If Indians don’t like being the victim of racist attacks in Australia, they should stop making detergent ads that shout, “White Power!”

Have you ever seen a race more hypocritical than Indians? On the surface, they pretend to hate whites and be proud of their brown identity. But they’re fooling no one. I mean, have you seen a fairness cream ad lately? The brown girl gets kicked out and rejected from everywhere – job interviews, modeling agencies, lovers, marriage proposals, what have you, gets treated like something even the cat wouldn’t drag in and then… the turning point – she buys the magic cream that makes her whiter than friggin’ Ben Affleck and the whole world falls at her feet! Man! The only other time I’ve seen a white ass get kissed so hard is Donald Trump towards the end of an Apprentice episode.

So there you have it, in brown-land they sell creams to make you white and in white-land they sell tanning booths to make you brown.

*It’s about time the Karnataka Tourism Campaign changed it’s slogan from “One State, Many Worlds” to “One Government, Many Fuck-ups”.

The only people who seem to be getting rich and prosperous under the current government are dealers of diesel generators and power back-up equipment. But this time though, there’s a new breed of blood sucking parasites apart from the usual corrupt bureaucrats that is getting happy and prosperous – mosquitoes. I mean actual mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are getting well-fed and healthy too because there’s no power to operate the mosquito repellants at night. The liberals’ prediction that the BJP government would push Karnataka into the dark ages has turned out to be a little too literal. Did you know that Bangalore has slipped from #4 investor’s choice destination in India to #13?

Meanwhile, crime is sky-rocketing along with real estate and food prices, Bangalore’s as ugly as ever with clogged traffic, open drains and garbage piles, churches get ransacked, pigs’ heads get thrown inside mosques, savage Taliban-like moral police beat up girls in bars, all that the police does is collect bribes and beat up harmless weekend partying techies while the law and order situation has gone to the dogs, the Reddy brothers, the unbelievably incompetent handling of the flood crisis and swine flu and all the Yediyurappa Government can think of is banning cow slaughter!? I mean this guy has so many fuck-ups to his credit I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s related to George Bush!


Rationalist Vs. Some Dude

February 3, 2010

Hello Shekhar or Suresh or whatever your name is. Please see my replies in bold below. Good that you stood up for what you believed in. And thanks a lot for writing. Your letter is gold. Pure gold. That’s why I put it on my blog.

But having said that, let me say, I’ve never in my life read a more ignorant piece of shit as your letter. The only reason I’m replying to this is because I pity your ignorance.

Excuse me sir,
I saw that you are a part of a rationalist group in Facebook.

I assume you spend a lot of time there.

Hence, I would like to ask you a few questions.


I know that it is abit long but if you can make out time then I am sure that you can atleast answer the first questions.
I can assure you, I’m more than capable of answering ALL your questions.
Hence, I would like to ask you five questions:
Firstly, you guys are too hyper on just one field.

I deny that accusation! We are hyper on ALL fields!

When it comes to what superstitious or not then you only show your daring, excitement and manhood towards those religion but do you have the courage to challenge those theories in science which have are not proven and have been accepted as postulates?

Have you heard that Pluto is no longer a planet?

For e.g. uniform circular motion, elastic force, kinetic friction and some of Newton and Einstein’s theories have not been proved and there is not a single evidence for them. However, they have been added in science books with great respect.

How many books have you read? I mean apart from those NCERT textbooks full of badly drawn pictures of village kids shitting in open fields.

On the contary, theories like rebirth still have some observation evidences but still have not been accepted in the scientific field.

You’ve gotta be kidding me! Rebirth!?

So, why don’t you south Indians show manhood, courage, heroism, adventurous attitude and excitement in those Newton, Einstein and other scientific theories which do not have a single evidence but still have been accepted as postulates in the scientific fields? DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO THAT? WHY SINGLE OUT SUCH OBVIOUS AND WEAK CASES LIKE REBIRTH ETC.? FOOLISH COWARDS!

We live in the age of machines and automation – planes, trains & automobiles, cranes, hydraulic presses, which have all been built on the basis of laws formulated by Newton and Einstein – I’ll be lucky if in my lifetime I become half the man any of them was. The mere fact that these machines exist and work is proof enough that these laws are true. Look around you. The evidence is everywhere. But you would rather believe your grandfather now lives in a cat.

If you have guts then can you give a concrete evidence (weather emperical or derivative) for Newton’s gravitational formula [F= G*(m1*m2)/R^2] before pointing finger against those superstitious beliefs? Pls keep in mind that masses of planets were found out using this unporoven formula only so that can’t be taken as a bases for proving this formula. These guys (Einstein and Newton) minted a lot of money and fame with these type of formulae which were unproven but were patented and accepted by scientists. You being a scientist must have read these formulae and perhaps accepted them also.

What retard told you they are unproven!? There is proof, alright!? There is plenty proof! Go ask anyone with a decent knowledge of physics. Just because you’re too stupid to understand it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong! And that’s the beauty of science. A religious leader can just stand up and declare whatever he wants and scare the shit out of people by telling them that if they don’t listen to him, there is this hermaphrodite spaceman up there who will burn them for a million years in a place called hell. He can get away with saying complete horseshit and nobody dares speak! But not scientists. When a scientist makes a claim, the first reaction of anybody is – skepticism. That is just how the scientific mind is conditioned. We do not accept anything without proof. A scientist has to work his ass off in order to make himself heard. It’s not that easy to get the Nobel Prize.

Why didn’t you go and protest against them?
Because we don’t want to look like idiots!
Secondly, you are completely, practical.

And yet, here I am, with you. Please continue.

Hence, I would like to ask you one thing. Do you think that is it “scientifically impossible” to transpose one thing to another without physically moving it? Is it true that such transporting of a object is scientifically not possible? Pls do reply if you really have guts.
My honest answer to that is… “I don’t know”. When I don’t know something, I admit it. I do not make some shit up and say, “Whoever does not believe this is an infidel!” Check Wikipedia or or or something.
Thirdly, if there is less evidences or no evidences of rebirth etc. does happen then I suppose that you also do not have enough evidences or no evidences that rebirth etc. does not happen. What have you got to say about this?

Yesterday evening, I was walking home and I met a talking frog who told me that the world will indeed come to an end in 2012. He said his name was Leapy Frogspawn. In fact, that frog is a close friend of Amanda Peet and he actually has a role in the movie that was edited out and can be seen in the DVD extras. But he sounded pretty sure and convinced me that the world is indeed coming to an end. Now, I don’t have evidence to support this. I tried taking a video of it on my cell phone cam but the clever little turd disappeared. Now it’s quite evident that I don’t have evidence. But you don’t have any evidence that this did not happen. So have to believe me. What have you got to say about this?
Fourthly, there are many things which happen in this world by people which are not superstitious but are irrational. For e.g. a man may give some heavy amount to a departmental store without even checking that the product or service which he is getting from that store is worth that amount or not.

Then he got ripped off. What’s your point?

Another e.g. is that the people give taxes to the government irrationally without bothering that what the government does for them. On the contary people working more are earning very less than them.

Many government rules have been laid down without giving any reason. For e.g. the import duty on one substance should be 35% but why it is 35% and why not 30% or 40% has not been told. Isn’t this an irrational act?

I’m not even gonna comment on that one.
Also, many textbooks and books have also been written without applying any rational approach i.e. things have been explained with refernece to what the reader does not know that too. For e.g. if you arrive at the railway station in my country India and it’s capital Delhi and ask where is India Gate as you are new to Delhi and know nothing about it, the person whom ask gives a reply that it is infront of Presidential palace. However, you do not know that where Presidential palace is either. Instead he should have told with that context that go from HERE to left and then right and so on because HERE is what you presently know.

Well then ask him to say so he can go back to living his life!
The same happens with books. You ask that what is surface tension and they tell you that it happens with cohesion. However, you do not know what is cohesion either. If they however tell you that cohesion is attraction of like molecules to like molecules then you would not understand that what is attraction of like molecules to like molecules.

Someone so stupid that he can’t even understand the simple concept of cohesion? Who is this guy, Forrest Gump? Not that I’m comparing you to Forrest Gump. One is a retard with extremely low IQ. The other is Forrest Gump.

Also, there are on many ocassions very less information given that a different meaning may be derived by the statement, for e.g. they may tell you to go left and you may goto your left rather than his what he really meant.

Then clarify that simple bit of information, can’t you!?

Same is with books. They are edited in such manner with incomplete information that a different meaning is derived. For e.g. in Class 12 physics (Chapter Electric Forces pages 17 and 18 or so and e.g. 1.7) of NCERT (If you type NCERT electric forces in Google or yahoo search then you will come to know) many steps are missing while explaining the force on equilateral triangle. They did not mention that you have to do it with vector algebra also when vector algebra was nowhere mentioned before. So, it was quite rational that they should have explained it step by step but they haven’t. The same is with American courses like CCNA as they start explaining that how IP address is received or intercepted rather than explaining that how can an electric signal carry an IP address.

Trust me, CCNA is way too advanced for you.
The biggest example of irrationalism is that the Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) does not give back the photocopy of the answer scripts till today when so much technological development has taken place even in colour videography. Candidates tend to loose marks due to the irrational behavior of the evaluators and on the other hand are expected to score more than 80 to 90 percent in their papers. All other western countries as far as I know have the right to ask for photocopies of their answer scripts.
So, why don’t you go and challenge these irrational acts first?
Sue those bastards!

Fifthly and lastly, if you claim to be so intelligent, then why don’t you use it for yourself and become rich?

Yes. Yes! I’m trying to become rich and famous and buy fast cars and have supermodels sleep with me, but pricks like you keep interrupting me all the time!

If you really have guts and you act with reason then you would reply back else like foolish coward you would prove yourself to be one and also for the remaining other fools who can show their daring and excitement just in one place.

You are…

  1. 1. Talking out of your ass
  2. 2. Not showing your face

So I think the jury is in on who’s the “foolish coward” over here is.

Thank you.
I hope that you would reply ASAP but the remaining is upto you and if you do not reply then I got nothing to loose.

You got that last bit right.

This is a message sent to many people who claim to be rationalists. My e-mail is in your reply button but if you are not able to read then here are my e-mail addresses

However, it is upto you to reply or not or completely ignore this message or/and block and report my profile. It does not affect me.

When you say you’re not giving a damn, you ARE giving a damn.

Listen here, kid. You are way too young and naïve to mess around with rationalists. You’re just too young and have a lot to learn and totally sound like a kid.  Have you even learnt how to masturbate yet? You have a looooooong way to go before you can even BEGIN to approach a rationalist. Trust me, we people are bad-ass and will pulverize anyone who dares disrespect science.

This battle has been going on for thousands of years and science has always won and religion has suffered nothing but humiliating defeats again and again and again. Religion is just a convenient lie. When people say they favor religion over science, what they’re in fact saying is, “We give up. Our brains haven’t evolved to that level yet. This whole shit about gravity and molecular attraction and genetics and evolution is way too advanced for us, so we’ll just stick to the same folk tales that Neanderthal food gatherers made up in their attempts to demystify the wonderful world around us.”

So log off and get to your books and study! You can start with English because you spellings are horrible and your grammar sucks! I clicked on MS-Word spell check and my processor almost burned out.

And yeah, real smart move leaving your e-mail for all to see.  I’ve XXXed it over here, but I know who you are where you live and where you work and I even know what you look like. And as if that’s not enough, you’ve even left your initials to confirm your identity. Have a nice day.